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Why are we counting the Deer?

Out of simple curiousity and a deep interest in what is happening with the Deer in Port Townsend. We're neither cullers or cuddlers - we're counters.


This is a Citizen Science project.

The only way we can make it work is if we have a lots of boot on the ground in a short sampling window.


Keeping it simple

  • For this year we're  just counting Urban deer. We can do this using willing volunteers for just 30 minutes. This should minimize duplicate counting.

  • To count all the deer in Port Townsend we'd need to research the techniques to count in open farmland and in the forest and we don't have the time this year.


How can you help?

  • Be a Team Captain
    Volunteer to organize a team in one of the 14 districts in Port Townsend.
    Sign up as a Team Captain

  • Be a Team Member
    Signup to join one of the teams.
    Join a team

  • Do a yard count
    Count deer from home.
    No need to sign up for a team.
    Just use a form to let us know how many deer there are in your yard at any one time during the count. 
    Count the deer

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